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New England Theater Blogs

Whether ‘tis nobler or not to make blogs against a sea of troubles, the Boston theater scene is certainly alive and well online.  -  A Slog through the Online World of Boston Theater.

The Company Blog 

Many theater companies keep ongoing blogs each season, but the approaches vary as much as the theaters themselves. Here are a number of local companies' blogs:

- A.R.T.
- Huntington Theatre Company
- Makeshift Theatre Productions
- Mill 6 Collaborative
- New Repertory Theatre’s
- Wheelock Family Theatre
- Central Square Theater
- Blue Spruce Theatre
- Whistler in the Dark Theatre
- The CoLab Theatre
- Merrimack Repertory Theatre
- Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe

The All-Purpose Blog

A few locals keep tabs on the Boston (and national) issues – theatrical and otherwise – while keeping a foot firmly grounded in the local theater scene. Local All-Purpose Blogs: 

- StageSource
Arts Fuse
Nora Long  
Art Hennessey
- Geoff Edgers' The Exhibitionist 
- Joel Brown's Hub Arts
- Seth Lepore
Playwrights’ Platform News

- Chris Caggiano's Everything I Know I Learned From Musicals

The Personal Artist Blog

Contrary to common belief, some actors live a life beyond the boards. And some of the most entertaining blogs with a finger in the local theater scene are those written by local theater artists about their offstage lives. Boston Artist Blogs:

- Kelly DuMar, Playwright
Ian Thal, Performance Artist
Christine Evans
Pat Gabridge, Playwright
Meron Langsner, Playwright
Barlow Adamson, Actor
Bill Donnelly, Playwright
SerahRose Roth, Educator and Director 
Crystal Tiala
Julie Hennrikus, Executive Director of StageSource and Educator
John Griener Ferris
- Mary-Liz Murray 
- Rafael Jaen, Designer
- Robyn Linden 
- Alan White 
- Terry Torres 
- Michael Francics, Actor/Solo Performer

If you are a StageSource member and you keep a blog or if you know of a good theater related blog, please feel free to e-mail info with your blog address. We will update this list as entries arrive.